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About Us

Witts End Farm Equine Rescue is a non-profit rescue that works to help horses in need.

We do all in our ability to help those who are negligent to these animals out of lack of knowledge. We help them to take care of their equines, or other animals, if they have the desire to learn.

We deal with the horses who need us the most: the starved, neglected, abandoned and abused. The majority come from animal control as cruelty and neglect or abandonment cases. 

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But we do have some from individuals that just can't or won't take care of them and the red tape takes too long for animal control to get them out before they are too far gone. In those cases we have had to purchase a few just to save them, knowing that it is going to take a lot to get them back. Those are the hardest cases for us as we really want to see justice done for them, but the horses are of the utmost importance so in those cases we bite our tongue and get them and get out. Then we bring the horses to the rescue and the real work begins.

We have the vet check them, a trainer evaluates the safety issues before anything and then the farrier comes and evaluates their hooves and sees to that. We bathe them, and assess their nutritional and health needs to start the process off right. Next training starts the process of safety on the ground so that we can rehab them and prepare them for a new, with God's grace and mercy, forever home. There they will know love and care for the rest of their days.

Sometimes, as in most cases we get, this can be a very long process. So, they are here for quite some time as we want to be sure all is well.

We do have some permanent residents that will never leave the facility. It can be due to the trust and neglect issues that will never leave them and we feel that they will not adjust well to another environment and do not have the heart to let them feel the terror again or due to an old injury that deters new owners from adopting them as they may just be companion animals. For those we try to find sponsors if possible, they are loved and taken care of regardless.

Witts End Farm Equine Rescue has worked in conjunction with the Osceola County Florida Animal Control for approximately 6 yrs prior to becoming a non-profit organization. We have only done so as the need became more than we could handle alone. We really want the public to be schooled as to what is going on in their own community and that it is not just somewhere else on TV. All in all, our main concern and goal is to take the abused neglected and unwanted and turn their lives around and find them the family they deserve.

We would welcome the chance to show you hands-on what we do and what can be done with just a little TLC and a lot of prayers.

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Kissimmee/Saint Cloud, FL 34769

We do not post our physical address as we have dealt with confiscation cases.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hours: By appointment only, so please call first.

Phone: (407) 908-5402

Monday - Friday: 9AM - 5PM

Saturday: 10AM - 5PM

Sunday: By appointment Only

Witts End Farm Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation Center, Inc

(407) 908-5402

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