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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I volunteer? Contact us to set a time to visit us at the rescue. All volunteers must have a signed and NOTARIZED Hold Harmless Agreement to volunteer at the farm.

2) How can I make a donation? There are many ways to donate to the farm. You can make a donation to us in the form of hay, feed, tack, anything that will benefit the horses or other animals at the farm. We appreciate it all.

You may also donate to our vet, farrier, or our local feed stores or by purchasing a Tractor Supply gift card in the rescue’s name. Check the Sponsors page to find out about our corporate sponsors.

Cash and checks are always accepted. You can also donate through the PayPal donation button located on our About Us page or through our donation jars located around town.

3) Are my donations tax deductible? How? Yes, up to 500.00 dollars at a time. Witts End Farm is a non-profit organization. We will provide you with a written receipt. Although we do not have a 501c3 number as of yet we are planning to apply in the near future as funds will allow.

4) What is a sponsor?

An Individual Sponsor is someone who donates a set amount per month week or yearly toward a horse or horses of their choosing to help in their care and up keep. You can donate all or part of a horse’s monthly upkeep.  

Corporate Sponsors can also help by providing free or discounted supplies and services to Witts End. 

5) How do I become a sponsor?

Individual Sponsors just need to state their interest in becoming a sponsor and/or whom they would like to sponsor. Then we will sit down and work out the details. We also have paperwork available.  

We will provide you with regular updates on the horse you sponsor. This is a great way to help for somebody who does not have a lot of free time, just wants to help and would like to be a part of the Rescue.   

Corporate Sponsors, please contact us. Thank-you.

6) What is required to adopt a rescued horse? To adopt a horse from Witts End Farm, you must have a place to keep it and be able to demonstrate that it will be properly taken care of.

7) How do I adopt a horse? The process of adoption includes spending time with the horse to ensure a good match, being interviewed, and allowing an inspection of the place where you will be keeping the animal.  

You will also be expected to sign and notarize a contract with Witts End Farm regarding care of the horse. An agreement to spot checks on the horse's welfare is one of the contact’s requirements.

There will also be an adoption fee which varies from horse to horse.

8) How can I see what tack you have for sale? Contact us and we will set up an appointment.

Witts End Farm Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation Center, Inc

(407) 908-5402

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