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Our "Care for Life" Residents ♥

In addition to rescuing horse and other animals from local animals shelters. Witts End Equine Rescue also provides lifetime care for many of it's senior equines and other animals who are unwanted due to their age or disabilities. After spending a lifetime devoted to their owners, they find themselves dumped in shelters, alone and scared and just hoping someone will adopt them.. However in the most unfortunate of circumstances, some are often found in abandoned pastures or more recent abandoned houses and left to die.

We try and help as many of them as we can. Many of them are in various foster homes and are being loved until their rightful end. Caring for these animals is VERY costly. In addition to food and occasional treats, these animals all need vaccinations, hoof care, and in a lot of cases arthritis medicines to keep them comfortable.  

Below you will meet some of the our permanent residents that we are currently caring for, you can read their stories. Please consider providing a monthly sponsorship for one or sending a donation for their ongoing care. They will be so grateful for your help.

"Give me food and drink; and care for me. And when the day's work is done, shelter me. Give me a clean bed and leave me not too small a place in the stable. Talk to me, for your voice often takes the place of reins; be good to me and I shall serve you more gladly and love you".


Hello! My name is Pepper. I am an approximately 23 yr old Appaloosa pony. I came to the rescue after being starved and neglected by my former owner. I was due to be euthanized as they did not think I had a chance, I was so weak. Cyndi gave me a chance and promised me that I would NEVER have to worry again. I am now in a loving home and get lots of hugs everyday!!! My care is still costly so I greatly appreciate it if you could considering becoming my sponsor. If you would like to sponsor me, please click on the DONATE button below..

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Hello! My name is Dexter. I am a 12 yr old Florida Cracker Horse. I was previously used to herd cattle on a cattle ranch, but my previous owners failed to properly care for my hooves, I am permanently disabled.. I have severe chronic hoof issues such as Equine canker, Pythiosis, and contracted and sheared heels. But that's Ok because now I get to spend the rest of my life on a beautiful farm in the loving care of my new owner Cyndi! However , my hoof care is very expensive and I have to be treated every two weeks, so if you would like you could sponsor me by just clicking the link below! Horsey kisses to you!

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Teddy Beara and My Favorite Girl

Hello! My name is Teddy Beara but my new family calls me "Beara" . My story is very very sad. I was found abandoned along the side of a road in Florida. My hooves had been so badly neglected I could barely walk. My new owner Cyndi described them looking like "Peter Pan" shoes! It was so painful for me..... Everyone thought I should just be "put down" and put out of misery, but not Cyndi! She took me into her home and gave me the care that I so badly needed. Because my previous owners neglected me so much I will never leave Cyndi's side. My hoof care though is still very expensive and will be through-out the rest of my life, so please consider becoming my sponsor. Thank you "beara" much ♥

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Hello! My name is Chi-Chi. I am an 8 year-old Mustang. Because I my previous owners severely mistreated me, I have learned only to trust a few people. Right now I live at the rescue free of the abuse and horrible neglect that I previously suffered. You can still help me by becoming my sponsor!

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Hello! I am Lily. I was brought to the rescue when my owner was no longer able to take of me. I was found starved and in severe neglect. It was told that my former owners son used to like to a BB gun and shoot at me for fun. Thank God for Witts End Rescue so I will never have to live in fear again. You can still sponsor one of my friends by clicking the link below.

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Beth Anne

Hello! I am Beth Anne. I am a sweet Paso Fino and I love everyone. Unfortunately, my former owners didn't care about me and abused me severely. They burnt out my right eye, so I no longer can see out of it. They also used a "twitch" on my nose incorrectly and now I have a broken nose. Thank goodness I was rescued and will be able to live a long and enjoyable life at the farm. However, you can still help by clicking on the link.

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Witts End Farm Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation Center, Inc

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