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Welcome to the Horse Barn!

Most of the horses at Witts End Farm are approximately 14 hands tall. The ponies are shorter than that. The one horse taller than the others is D2, he is 15 Hands. Read on to learn about each of the precious animals in our care.

November 2010. Beth Anne was found in Orange County, Florida after a concerned citizen had called the Sherriff,s Department. She was extremely underweight and pregnant. Her infected right eye had a cone shaped hole where the pupil and iris used to be - she will never see out of it again. 

Fortunately, Beth Anne came to Witts End Farm

By the first of the year, she was putting on weight, the infection in her eye was better and the sores on her hips where healed.

Remarkably, after all she has been through, Beth Anne enjoys human contact.

Late in April 2011, she gave birth to a healthy filly that as grown into a beautiful young horse.

Beth can be lightly ridden and is available for adoption or fostering. She will also make a great companion for another horse. She also needs a sponsor(s).

Silver: His previous owners claimed he was about 15 years old and that they enjoyed riding him.

When we had his teeth checked and cleaned, we found out that he in his 30's! He also has an injured fetlock that really makes riding him a bad idea - it would be quite painful! The fetlock needs to fuse and then it will not hurt.

Silver is very friendly and enjoys getting treats & love. He is available for sponsoring or adoption/fostering as a companion

Dexter has been with the rescue for many years. He came into the rescue in 2004 as a four year old suffering from Pythiosis, Equine Canker and sheared heels. t know how to care for him and as a result the Equine Canker is chronic. When the Canker is in remission, Dexter can be ridden. However, his ongoing foot care can be quite expensive. 

Dexter is a permanent resident at Witts End.

He needs sponsors.

Grace: She came from Orange County where they were preparing to put her down because no one wanted her. She is a twenty-something year old Paso Fino mare. Just like Beth Anne, she had been thrown out to fend for herself and was picked up as a stray. 

She is very shy around people, but is learning that we are not all bad.

She is available for sponsoring or adoption or fostering.

Chi-Chi was taken to Animal Control with several other horses when she was three. She had never been trained at all. The halter she was wearing was so small it was growing onto her face. She was afraid of people and underweight.

With care, attention and training she has become a very nice horse.

Unfortunately one of the volunteer teenagers taught her to rear, so she is not a beginner’s horse.

She needs sponsors and is available for adoption to the right family.

Pepper is 26 years old. When she was 19, she was confiscated by Animal Control with several other horses. Animal Control decided she was too thin after nursing a foal and would probably not recover. Witts End convinced them to not have her put down and she got another chance. 

Thank goodness! She is a calm and loving pony. She has many friends of all kinds. Pepper is a permanent resident and needs someone to sponsor her.

Dexter, too (D2): D2 was a show horse, and he won lots of ribbons and awards for his owners. Then he hurt one of his front legs and had to have surgery. When his owners realized he would never be the same as before; they stopped taking care of his leg and the surgical wound, turned him out and stopped feeding him.

D2 came to Witts end from Orange County Animal Control where he had been given the care he needed. His leg has finished healing, but his left front forelock is frozen. t jump. But he can be ridden. At Witts End, D2 has grown back into the beautiful animal he always was.

D2 is available for adoption/fostering or sponsorship. D2 is 15 Hands tall.

Teddy Berra was found abandoned in a trailer standing in his own waste. He had been badly foundered. As a result he is permanently lame and requires on-going foot care.

He loves gentle grooming and will be your best friend as long as you keep giving him treats.

Berra is a permanent resident of the rescue.

He would love to have a sponsor or several sponsors.

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