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4 yr old grade mare mother to Baby Flashback and bred back to same stallion-cannot be adopted until she weans the foal she is carrying now and may not be adoptable for a while due to severe abuse issues.Please follow her progress.Mamacita is getting very close to foaling and stil having many trust issues, she has developed a strong attatchment to an orphan foal we have and hope that she can do the same with her own foal or if her foal does not make it( something we fear greatly as this has been a hard pregnancy)that she can take over surrogate duties from Taylor.Many prayers for this one Please!!!!!

Durango- RIP-You are missed!!!!!!!!!!

8 yr old grade Appaloosa Gelding

Baby Flashback

7 month old grade paint colt w/ 2 blue eyes will be gelded prior to adoption ADOPTED Update Flash is doing well and thriving in his new family!!!!!If a little spoiled LOL

Laredo 7 yr old grulla gelding

Laredo is making progress but not as we have liked. he may be a candidate to be a permanent resident as the beatings he has taken seem to give him flashes of that memory and he becomes very terrified at the drop of a hat when doing ground work, which is essential safety issue that can not be overlooked.

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